Casey, Lesan & Mail Arrived in Kehje Sewen!

Camp 103, Kehje Sewen Forest, April 22, 2012

Indonesian Air Force helicopter landed at Camp 103, Kehje Sewen Forest in heavy rain

The helicopter carrying Casey, Lesan and Mail flew over at Camp 103 at 1:50 PM, right on schedule. However, it was welcomed by heavy rain and strong wind. The helicopter from the Indonesian Air Force circled the area for a while. We started to worry, thinking it wouldn’t land in this weather. But at exactly 2 PM, it hovered over the helipad and landed safely at Camp 103, Kehje Sewen Forest.

Casey, Lesan and Mail are almost home. But for tonight, they will have to stay at Camp 103 with us. In order to bring them to their acclimatization cages in Mount Belah – our orangutan conservation area – we have to cross a river, which is raging with strong currents and high water levels carrying mud from upriver. It’s impossible to cross. We will have to wait until morning comes. Casey, Lesan and Mail are healthy, though. And they are being checked and fed and looked after by our team every hour or so. Hopefully, Mother Earth will be friendly tomorrow. Happy Earth Day from Casey, Lesan, Mail and all of us here in Kehje Sewen Forest!

We’ll update you again tomorrow.


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