Mail’s New Trick

The Genius Mail

The Genius Mail prepared his new trick

Mail (8 y.o.), a teenage male orangutan, who was in first release group along with Casey and Lesan, is a curious, adventurer and explorer. After a few days exploring the KJ7 Forest, Mail invited us, the observer team, to explore Lesik River upstream.

Slowly but sure, Mail moved along the strong-streamed Lesik riverbank over slippery rocks and branches of tree. While exploring this riverbank, Mail took the time to stop and eat young bamboos, grasses, leaves and roots.

Mail's Trick

Voila, I know how deep this spot is

Surprisingly, Mail tried to cross Lesik River, and believe it or not, Mail demonstrated his new trick. He used a branch of a tree as a tool to measure the depth of the river. Standing on a rock, Mail put his tool into the water until it was touching the riverbed. He then found out the depth of that particular spot. He repeated this step at several spots of the river. So all day long, Mail was not only exploring the Lesik riverbank, but was also looking for the right spot to cross the river by checking the depth of river, spot by spot.

Unfortunately, the strong current of the Lesik River swept his tool away, it stopped Mail activity. He did not give up. Mail curiously jumped into the river and tried to cross. However, considering the depth and the strong currents, Mail retreated.

Apparently, though the depth of river was not a problem anymore, Mail still had to wait for the right time to cross the Lesik River. Mail is indeed our little genius!