Eid Mubarak from Kehje Sewen!

This year, Eid Mubarak (Idul Fitri), the feast for Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadhan, was celebrated on August 8, 2013. In Indonesia, Idul Fitri is also a special time to gather with family. Even though this year we couldn’t be with our families in our hometowns, we happily celebrated this joyous moment with the RHOI family here in Kehje Sewen Forest!

Some of our teammates went to celebrate Idul Fitri in Muara Wahau, the closest village to Kehje Sewen. Meanwhile, myself, Ari, Micha and Deni were still on duty and stayed in Kehje Sewen during Idul Fitri. One day before Idul Fitri, we conducted our daily patrol to find Juminten. We’ve been intensively searching for Juminten these past few days but, so far we haven’t picked up her signal. Unfortunately, after another day of searching we still couldn’t find Juminten. We decided to walk back to the camp at dusk.


Talking about Idul Fitri, I used to spend Idul Fitri eve with my family, with sounds of Takbir (the Arabic term for the phrase Allāhu Akbar) reverberating throughout my hometown. That night in Kehje Sewen, we created that kind of atmosphere. We decided to build a tent and make a campfire in front of the camp. We spent time listening to Takbir, chatting, roasting corn, playing guitar and singing together. The spirit of togetherness made us feel happy and content.

Making a Campfire

We were given two days off during Idul Fitri to rest, watch movies, browse through the internet and spend time pursuing our hobbies. I decided on birdwatching, my favorite activity.

Hemiprocne Comata

Hemiprocne Comata

Two days went by and we are now back into our daily patrol routine. We have continued to look for Juminten and Leo. Unfortunately, we still haven’t located Juminten using radio telemetry. However we did manage to find Leo and observe him, which was fantastic!


The Majestic Leo

We found Leo when he was already awake and left his nest, but he was still hanging out on the same Pakang tree. The majestic male orangutan looked healthy with even longer hair. He now eats more varieties of food, including kinds of jackfruit and ficus, despite his weight which looked as if he hadn’t gained any. At the end of the day, soaking wet because of the rain, we walked back to the camp – happy in the knowledge that Leo is doing well.

Leo and the rest of the orangutans in Kehje Sewen have become our family, too. Every time we see them, they heighten our spirits and motivate us to do our duty in the forest; being fully responsible for the preservation of the forest and the orangutans. Happy Eid Mubarak, Leo and friends!

And to the rest of the world, thank you for your continued support. Happy Eid Mubarak from Kehje Sewen!

Text and photos by: Putri Wulansari (PRM Coordinator)