Updates from the Forest!

Siwie was Found in the Berlian Hill

by: Arif and Bani, PRM Technician.

At 7 am, the team started their daily patrol to locate Siwie.  They made their way to an area of Kehje Sewen Forest called Kali Tengah . This time, the team divided into two teams. Arif and Vio were in the first team while Guswan and Kholid formed the second team.  Unfortunately, when they reached the area, they couldn’t locate Siwie. Not even her used nest or food traces were seen. They searched hard to find any clue as to which direction Siwie has traveled.

Information received from the team that had conducted the previous daily patrol was that they had found a new nest in the Berlian Hill area. Chances were, Siwie or Inge were there, so the team decided to go to Berlian Hill to find the answer.

As soon as they got there at 12.30 pm, one of the team heard the sound of branches being broken. The team walked faster to find out who was there.  But before they had a chance to identify the orangutan, the orangutan had already dashed off quickly. Not long after, there was one more orangutan arrived into the area. The team smiled in relief because it was Siwie!  Without a moments hesitation, they started to observe her for two hours straight.



Siwie seemed uncomfortable with our teams presence. She kisssqueaked at the team to show her displeasure and even approached the them in an attempt to drive them away. The team backed off quickly before Siwie could catch up with them. After that, they decided to observe her from a respectful distance. Siwie was seen roaming around the area and at last, the team lost her as she moved quickly up a steep slope. The impassable terrain halted their new search for Siwie.



Back from the days’ patrolling, the team ate their dinner together at Camp 103. When they finished their meal, Nur and Bani asked all of the technicians to gather for their usual weekly meeting in which they shared information that each individual team had gathered during the days’ patrolling efforts.  It really is important that the team discusses in detail their results so that the teams on duty the next morning, know where to start their searches and which orangutan to search for and gather data on.

Weekly meeting.

Weekly meeting.

Noel and the Duo Mum-Daughter, Yayang-Sayang

by: Bani, PRM Technician.

The next morning, the monitoring team again conducted a daily patrol in the Berlian Hill area.  Despite intensive efforts to locate orangutans in the area, they were unsuccessful in seeing a single orangutan. Nevertheless, the team continued their search and finally were rewarded by locating Yayang, Sayang and Noel. They were able to take Noel’s photo, keeping an eye on him to ensure he didn’t follow them and approach Camp 103. They also had a chance to observe Yayang and her daughter, Sayang for two hours which was super.




Yayang and Sayang.

Yayang and Sayang are independent and act like true wild orangutan should. They play high up in the trees all the time. Little Sayang is very active. Now that she is growing bigger, she plays on her own; she is no longer a baby who is always in her mum’s arms. She also likes to try natural foods found in the forest. The team noted that Sayang had tried several foods including fruits, flowers, leaves, ants, lianas and cambium bark. While Sayang explored her surrounding, her mother, Yayang would stay in one tree, watching her daughter playing. When Sayang moved further away, Yayang would follow her wherever she moved.

The lovely Sayang.

The lovely Sayang.

Inge and Casey, the Best Friend Forever!

by: Bani, PRM Technician.

These two lovely ladies, Inge and Casey have grown even closer to each other. They are such good friends now! They had met and spent time together several times and even their nests were found built side by side.


Inge and Casey, BFF!

The team observed Inge from 6.08 am from when she first awoke and emerged from her nest. She then started consuming Macaranga personii, her favourite food for her breakfast.


Inge and Casey like to play together. Sometimes they descend to the ground, but most of the time they play up in the trees. That day, the team noted that Inge visited 20 kinds of trees before finally building her night nest and settling down  to sleep at 5.40 pm.


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