Updates from Kehje Sewen: Love Quadrilateral?

Nest-to-nest monitoring is a mandatory activity after orangutans are released. The purpose of this activity is to monitor the progress of the orangutans in their new habitat. From this activity, it can be observed whether our rehabilitation program is successful and which areas may need improvement or adjustment.

So, how are they?


5 IMG-20140403-WA0076 Upi -by Ruben

After more than 2 weeks living in Kehje Sewen, Upi has started to adapt very well with her new home. She started to try new forest food found in her surroundings. According to the Monitoring Team, Upi has tried various kinds of leaves, liana fruit, ficus and syzgium, among others.

3 IMG-20140403-WA0074 pakan Upi -by Bani

Upi’s fav food!

She is also active, moving from one tree to another. After days of nesting on the forest floor, finally the Monitoring Team saw Upi building her first proper nest in a tree in Kehje Sewen. Although seemed slow, Upi is progressing. We are so happy.

8 IMG-20140403-WA0035 Upi -by Bani


During her first days living in Kehje Sewen, Oneng seemed confused. She was still trying to adapt with her new home. But it only lasted a few days. Soon enough, Oneng was seen actively exploring Kehje Sewen. She has also started eating natural food such as various kinds of fruits and ficus leaves. Oneng’s ability to build a nest for her to sleep at night is also improving considerably.

4 IMG-20140403-WA0036 Oneng -by Vio

Oneng loves playing in high trees. She enjoys eating delicious aglaia fruit, ficus, rattan, bark, and termites. She tries more types of food as the days go by. She is also skilled in searching water sources. Oneng will run to the nearest stream and drink the water using her hands.

10 IMG-20140403-WA0100 Oneng -by drh Jati


Just like Oneng and Upi, Nila seemed to have enjoyed her new home. Slowly but surely, Nila has adapted well in Kehje Sewen. According to the Monitoring Team, her diet includes fruits and leaves of liana, ficus, rattan and bark. Nila has also successfully built her own nest every night.

14 IMG-20140406-WA0015 Nila -by Fajar

After the first few days of getting to know her new home, Nila has now started to explore more of Kehje Sewen. She now plays high in the trees, swinging from one tree to another. We are very happy about her progress and delighted to see that Nila is also happy in her new home.

8 IMG-20140408-WA0009 Nila -by Fajar


It has been a little bit difficult observing Indo. Indo dislikes the presence of the Monitoring Team. However, the Team has now learned that Indo simply needs his space.

1 IMG-20140411-WA0021 Indo -by Agus

As long as he is observed from a safe distance, not too close for comfort, he is actually fine with the team’s presence. Indo has tried many kinds of fruits such as Pterospermum and liana leaves. He is adapting and settling well in his new home.

6 IMG-20140412-WA0012 Indo -by Nur 


Maduri is very close to Leke and Kent. The Monitoring Team has seen them playing together on several occasions. Maduri loves the leaves of liana and Farella johorensis. And she seems to be enjoying her new freedom.

12 IMG-20140411-WA0012 Maduri -by Fajar


The team has also witnessed love blossoming between Kent and Maduri. One afternoon, the two were seen mating. But Leke seemed unhappy when she saw this. Leke got angry! Are you jealous, Leke?

Once, Leke tried to reunite with her old friends Berlian and Mona. But Berlian and Mona did not like the idea very much. They chased Leke away and finally Leke decided to split.

13 IMG-20140403-WA0048 Leke-Bajuri -by Sam Edri

Leke and Bajuri.

10 IMG-20140403-WA0037 Bajuri -by Nur


Both Leke and Maduri were also seen mating with Bajuri. Kent of course did not like this at all! He immediately challenged Bajuri in a fight. Bajuri, happy to have mated with the two girls, finally ran away.

Love quadrilateral?


While conducting nest-to-nest monitoring on the newly released orangutans, the team also ran into some of the orangutans who have been living in the forest for quiet some times, such as Hamzah, Berlian and Mona.

3 IMG-20140404-WA0018 Berlian -by Sam Edri


Hamzah, who was found when the team was observing Oneng, looked very healthy. He kiss-squeaked at the team, showing his disapproval of them being there. Berlian and Mona were also found nearby and are very healthy. Hamzah, Berlian and Mona clearly feel at home now in Kehje Sewen and have developed into truly wild orangutans!

11 IMG-20140409-WA0024 Hamzah-Berlian -by Wagino


Text by: Bani, PRM Technician.


3 thoughts on “Updates from Kehje Sewen: Love Quadrilateral?

  1. It looks like the Orangutans are doing very well. I’m happy. Especially when
    the team checks up on them. It looks like Orangutan Island. With manager
    Lone Nielsen.Diane Binder

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