Kehje Sewen This Week

Miss Popular Wani


Since being released on March 22, Wani who immediately climbed a tree as soon as her travel cage door was opened has been moving around with great agility. She moves from one tree to another trying many different natural wild foods she finds.

Wani has befriended many orangutans and based on our teams observations, Wani has been seen together with Kent, Leke, Berlian, Mona, Noel, and Maduri. Out of these six orangutans, Wani seems to be closer to Berlian and doesn’t appear to enjoy the company of Mona and Kent as much. One time, Hamzah continuously approached her in an attempt to copulate, but she steadfastly refused. Hamzah continued to try several times until night fell, but his efforts were to no avail.

Apart from her courageous efforts in trying new foods, Wani is also starting to feed and travel in taller trees, even those higher than 15 m, and she is also improving her nest building skills.


Kent who Loves to Play in High Trees


Kent usually wakes up at 6 in the morning. Getting out from his nest, he will then move to a nearby tree and start looking for food. So far, he has tried several foods such as various lianas, Diospyrus and ficus shoots. He also loves spending time in high trees. Once, he was seen in a ficus tree higher than 30 meters.


During our latest observations, his radio signal indicated that Kent was nearby a main road by the Soh River. He was indeed sitting in a tree with many lianas intertwined. After waiting for a few hours, the team could no longer see him. Hopefully he will be able to be observed for a longer period next time.

Nila the Wanderer


On a drizzly morning, the Monitoring Team walked towards the Lesik River where Nila was recorded previously. It was already 10.28 but Nila was still in her nest. She climbed out of her nest at 10.32 and it seemed that the cold weather had boosted her appetite. She plucked some nearby fruit and started to eat. Nila has been recorded feeding high up in the trees, and has  only come down to the ground to move to another tree. As the days have gone by, her ranging area is getting larger. According to her radio signal, her range now covers deep into the protected forest and often at times includes the steeper hill areas.


Leke and Bajuri, Stay Together?


Leke was found at 15.05 that particular day, never too far away from that area. She spent the day eating liana fruits she found.  The Monitoring Team also found Bajuri’s signal so maybe they are still hanging out together, as we have reported previously. But since Bajuri’s signal was weak and it was late in the day, the Team decided to observe only Leke. Hopefully they can meet Bajuri during the next observations.

Text by: Bani, PRM Technician. 


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