News from the Forest

Nest-to-nest monitoring by our team in Camp 103 is a long-term program to enable us to observe the newly released orangutans in the Kehje Sewen Forest and monitor their adaptation. There is always so much going on in the daily lives of both the orangutans and our PRM team and we are delighted to give you an update on some of their news.


5 IMG-20140502-WA0009 Noel -by Dani

Early morning when the Team had just started activities for the day, they detected Noel’s signal just nearby. Apparently Noel was on the hill adjacent to Camp 103.  Observations commenced at 08.40 and Noel was seen moving from one tree to another, feeding as he went.

2 IMG-20140502-WA0006 Noel -by Dani

After a while, he stopped for a rest and napped until 14.05.  Upon waking, he started feeding once again then moved to the riverbank behind camp. Unfortunately, the Team couldn’t follow him because he moved too fast deep into the forest. See you next time, Noel!


8 IMG-20140503-WA0010 Siwie -by Agus

The Monitoring Team also observed Siwie eating macaranga.  She looked active and moved from one tree to another. This was the third day in a row the Team recorded her eating macaranga, so we guess now we know one of her favourite foods!


2014.05.09_8 IMG-20140509-WA0014 Agus -by Agus

Agus was found along one of our  monitoring transects. He caused the team some concern as he stayed in his nest all day.

2014.05.09_5 IMG-20140509-WA0011 Agus -by Agus

The next day however, he was located on the hill nearby the acclimatisation enclosure. Upon seeing the Team, Agus made kiss-squeak vocalisations, prompting the Team to retreat a little and give him some space. During the day of monitoring, Agus was recorded eating forest fruits and moving through the trees. We are relieved that he is active again. Perhaps he ate something that disagreed with him, which has happened to a couple of orangutans in our Central Kalimantan release program.  We will keep a close eye on him over the coming weeks.


5 IMG-20140507-WA0014 Nila -Agus

The Monitoring team met Nila at around 15.02. Nila was seen relaxing in a tree while feeding on forest fruits. The Team observed her for almost two hours and left her at sunset when she was still eating.

2014.05.11_21 IMG-20140511-WA0027 Nila di sarang -Agus

NIla’s nest.


2014.05.11_16 IMG-20140511-WA0032 Oneng -Agus

Oneng was also seen briefly and is one agile orangutan! In the afternoon when the Team reached her location, she was hanging on a tree. She moved around in the trees, sometimes stopping for a quick bite to eat. But quickly moved off into the forest leaving our PRM Team behind.

2014.05.11_18 IMG-20140511-WA0030 Oneng- Agus

Text by: Bani, PRM Technician.


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