Quick Updates!

Agus and Leke, Love is Blossoming.

Since being released into the Kehje Sewen forest in October 2013, Agus has adapted really well to his new environment. He has been recorded ranging through the forest while trying many new kinds of wild foods available. Based on data collected by the Post-release Monitoring Team, Agus has tried Ficus, Macaranga, Algae, various lianas, mangos and termites.



In the past few days Agus has often been observed approaching Leke. Leke who has usually been actively exploring and trying forest foods was found inactive and lethargic. Agus seems to have boosted her spirit once again.



When the Monitoring Team was on their way to observe Leke, they found her together with Agus. Leke didn’t seem to object to Agus’s company and they were observed foraging for food together.

Agus and Leke.

Agus and Leke.


The next day, the two orangutans were once again together. When Casey arrived, Agus approached Casey, but not for long and he soon returned to the company of Leke. At 14.44, Agus was seen moving away from Leke. She didn’t seem to mind though and continued feeding before finally making her nest in a tall tree.

Agus and Leke.

Agus and Leke.

Oneng and Wani, the Food Lovers.

If there’s a good way to describe Oneng and Wani, it is probably that these two are true food lovers because they are constantly eating.

Wani's fav food, Arthocarpus.

Wani’s fav food, Artocarpus.

The Monitring Team has recorded many kinds of forest food which they have tried, including Ficus, rattan (Calamus) shoots, wild ginger (Etlingera) shoots, Baccaurea fruit, cambium, Artocarpus fruits, and many more.



Oneng and Wani currently spend their time feeding and playing in the trees, followed by more feeding. During one observation the Team recorded Wani foraging for food despite the heavy rain pouring down on her.



Oneng and Wani both look healthy and active. At the end of each day, they generally start collecting the branches and leaves needed to build their nests. Hope you will continue to enjoy your life in Kehje Sewen, Wani and Oneng!

Text by: Bani, PRM Technician.


One thought on “Quick Updates!

  1. I’m so glad the Orangutans are doing fine. Finding food. Not like Orangutan Is.
    Where they leave them food. Their finding food.
    Keep up the good work in keeping up with them. Diane Binder

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