Friendship Between Casey and Lesan and Other News from KJ7  


During several patrols by the Team, Upi seems to presently be concentrating her time around transect Ariyo at the 440 m point. Jackfruit appears to be one of her favourite foods, but she also eats liana fruit and young leaves, wild cherries, Macaranga and many more different food types. Based on direct observations, Upi is looking very healthy. She is eating well and generally remains in the trees. Once in a while she would descend to the ground briefly, but then immediately climbed back up to continue eating.

2014.07.26_4 IMG-20140726-WA0007_Upi_Bowo


The Team had not encountered Leke for almost two weeks, but a few days ago Leke finally showed up. The Team found her eating in a tree more than 20 meters above ground and were very happy to see her looking well.

2014.08.01_7 IMG-20140801-WA0012_Leke_Moris


2014.08.04_4 IMG-20140804-WA0005_YS_Bowo

Mother-child pair Yayang and Sayang were observed 770 meters along transect Ariyo and the Team recorded data on the pair for two hours. Yayang spent more time in the trees eating fruits and once in a while she stopped to groom her young daughter and also used her body as a bridge so Sayang was able to move in between the trees safely.

2014.08.04_5 IMG-20140804-WA0006_Sayang_Bowo AGUS
The Team also found Agus near the Camp 103 water supply track eating Macaranga. He spent his time playing in the trees, eating liana fruits and also jackfruit.

2014.08.04_18 IMG-20140804-WA0019_Agus_Bani


When Berlian saw the Team she tried to approach them. She repeatedly tried to follow the team and ignored their efforts to shoo her away. They finally decided to rapidly retreat leaving her behind, but Berlian persisted and ran after them stopping only when the Team crossed the river.

2014.08.07_4 IMG-20140807-WA0017_Berlian_Wibowo


Lesan’s signal has not been detected since February. But unexpectedly a few days ago along transect Ariyo, the Team picked Lesan’s signal. Apparently she had joined up with Casey in a tree. It seems like their friendship is still going strong!

2014.08.08_2 IMG-20140808-WA0119_Lesan_Yosi

Upon seeing the Team, Lesan seemed annoyed. She kiss-squeaked and threw tree branches towards the Team. She continued to do so while moving from one tree to another.

Lesan was also seen feeding well. During the observation, the Team recorded Lesan eating jackfruit, liana fruits and leaves and other wild species. She looked physically healthy and her hair had grown longer. We are delighted that her radio transmitter is still working fine after more than 2 years and we are still able to track her and once again confirm her successful reintroduction.

2014.08.04_22 IMG-20140804-WA0023_Casey_Bani

During the observation, Casey was also still around. She and Lesan played together and moved towards transect Martin in the direction of the contiguous conservation forest. They also groomed each other and Casey seemed to copy whatever Lesan did including eating different kinds of food.

After more than three hours the Team left them to quietly go about their activities. We hope their friendship will always be strong and they both will continue to be happy and healthy exploring more of the Kehje Sewen forest.

Great results team!

Text by: Bani, PRM Technician. 

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